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Yet another pixelation post - Status check via app improve?

Like many others, I have started to suffer from frequent pixelation issues which affect a whole swathe of channels. I rarely had issues until about a week before Christmas. Now it’s every 2 or 3 days. Can happen at any time of the day though. When it happens, I check the diagnostic section of Settings and the signal strength on tuners 0 and 1 are around 85% or so which is lower than the usual approx. 97% when all is fine. 
A reset of the V6 usually fixes it but then a couple of days later it starts again.

however, I have noticed that if I run a check using the Service section of the Virgin Media app, without restarting the box, the signal strength goes back up to normal levels. Is this indicative of a problem with the V6 or the cable signal? I’m trying to determine where the fault may lie so I can figure out whether I need to work myself up to getting through to customer service for an engineer visit. 

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