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What does TiVo V6 Box do when you have watched recording

Hi I want to know what the TiVo V6 box is supposed to do when you’ve finished watching a recording 

My wife is disabled and can not operate the remote so I’m writing to enquire if I’m not there and I put a recording on for her to watch When playback is finished does the TiVo V6 box go to a program on the TV which was on before the Playback was started and does it go back to Full Screen or to a small screen on the top right 

Are u able to go to the settings to change which screen it goes back to 

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Re: What does TiVo V6 Box do when you have watched recording

When the recording finishes you end up with a frozen screen with a prompt asking you if you want to keep the recording or delete it.

After a minute the display then changes to the recording main screen for the programme you just watched with the live channel playing in the corner.

There are no settings you can change that affect this behaviour. You would need to press the TV button on the remote to return to full screen.

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