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Virgin V6 sound issues



When is Virgin going to sort out their frustrating sound problems with the V6. I've searched the forums and the same problem has been outlined numerous times since as far back as 2017 but hasn't been fixed.


Sound settings on the V6 box set to Dolby Digital. When switching from a premium channel (Dolby Audio or Dolby Atmos) to say ITV (Stereo) for example, there is a loss of sound and you have to turn off the V6 box and turn it back on again to get the sound working if you want to watch the stereo channel. If you turn back to the Dolby audio or Dolby atmos channel however it works fine. It just seems to be the transition from a dolby audio stream to a standard stereo audio stream and it doesn't play sound. Its fine if your changing channel from a stereo stream to another channel with a stereo stream, or from  stereo stream to a dolby stream.


If the sound settings are set to Dolby Digital to PCM on the V6 box, there is no problem.

Problem is, is I want the 5.1 channel surround and Dolby Atmos and you can't get this on PCM.

I've tried 4 different V6 boxes and I've used 6 different HDMI cables in different HDMI ports.


*****So to recap, the V6 box can play audio seamlessly when changing channel from a stereo channel to another stereo channel, or from a stereo channel to a dolby channel, but when changing from a dolby channel to a stereo channel, there is complete loss of sound and a reboot of the V6 box solves this. This is in Dolby digital mode on the sound settings*****



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