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Virgin TiVo v6 pixelation/noise

Hi all, I’ve had Virgin v6 for 2 weeks now and really struggling to get used to it having been with sky for so long. Firstly I’m getting a lot of pixelation and noise on many of the channels, including the HD ones like BBC one/two and sky comedy. The super hub is also rubbish for Wi-Fi but the tv is my main concern right now. I checked diagnostics whenever the picture looks noticeably bad and it says all the tuners have 100% signal strength however under RS corrected and Rs uncorrected there are big numbers like 2500/1500. Is this the cause of what I’m seeing? Any help would be appreciated thank you.

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Re: Virgin TiVo v6 pixelation/noise

Hi very often the pixilated images are related to signal level issues, if you phone and go down the TV faults route virgin can check your levels and arrange for a engineer to adjust them between your box and the street cabinet. Regards Micky
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Re: Virgin TiVo v6 pixelation/noise

Hi there @barkbomes9


Welcome to our Community and thanks so much for your first ever post; sorry that you seem to be having some picture and WiFi issues at the moment. 


I know a new interface can take a while to get used to; I've been in the same boat when using a friends Sky box! 


When you advise you are getting pixelation and noise, can you explain what you mean by noise? Is it interference over the usual volume of the channel? 

Is your V6 connected to the Hub via WiFi or Ethernet? (I am sorry but we have not been able to locate your account from your forum information in order to check this ourselves) 


Do you find the issue is on both the SD and HD channels where available? Does a reboot of the V6 box help? Have you been able to check for any known area issues on our status line 0800 561 0061 or listed here on our Service Status Page?


May we ask how you are checking the diagnostics? Is this via the V6 or via the Hub logs? 


In regard to your WiFi issues - is it just the WiFi that is causing you concern? What is the issue with WiFi? Speed? Connection? Range? How's things on a wired connection? We have various help pages to assist you with WiFi issues and I have listed a few below for you to get you started. 


WiFi Help and Tips

WiFi Wins Forum Post

Improve WiFi Speed

Connecting to WiFi

Troubleshooting your Connection



Katie - Forum Team

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