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Virgin TV poorer sound quality and lower volume than broadcast terrestrial.

For some time (since I have had a V6 box) I have noticed that the sound quality of Virgin TV is very poor compared to broadcast channels (received directly via my antenna). The volume is much lower and the sound quality is much poorer. It doesn't matter if I use my sound bar or the TV speaker. Notably, the dialogue is particularly poor and increasing the volume means that any action sequences or sound tracks can be  very loud but that the dialogue is still indistinct. These effects are not present if I watch the same programme using direct broadcasts via my antenna. I have tried playing with the TV sound settings using different sound modes and even the clear voice settings. Nothing seams to work. Checking the web it is clear that this is a problem that Virgin has had for some time and have either been unable or unwilling to fix it. It is reaching the stage that I am so frustrated with this I am considering changing my TV service provider. I suspect that this may be linked in some way to the digital sampling frequency employed. Surely a full analysis by a broadcast sound expert should be able to identify the problem. Incidentally I have also had my hearing checked, and that isn't the problem either. 

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