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Virgin Media Channel Guide Update.

Fibre optic

Dates on the webpage confirm an update on 2nd November 2022.

As usual the webpage can be ignored as the information is still from August.

No chance to check the Desktop & Mobile tables as both links giving a 404 error.

Does nobody actually check the webpages after making changes?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @pdfbt40


Thanks for posting on our community forum!


We appreciate this feedback and the forum is regularly monitored for stuff like this. I'll ensure this is fed back to the team to be updated.



Forum Team

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Thanks Travis_M

I see the Channel Guide link is now working to version November_3 (9/11/22).

But yet again the webpage has still not been updated from August, or information added.

Strange as I accidentally noticed a Factual Channel place holder, Yesterday +1, has changed. Checking further, another 7 others as well.

If its policy to only announce on the EPG, when trying to select channels, why have anything on the webpage?

When will France 24 French HD get removed from the list? It's not been on VM for a long time and there's red button audio for alternative languages on France 24 English HD last time I looked.

Also incorrect on the last Channel Guide PDFs and Personal Picks PDF:

Crime + Investigation HD is NOT on 189, it is on 198

Great! TV should still be on 189

4Seven HD is NOT on 143 for V6 viewers, it is on 193

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thanks for letting us know everyone, we will have this fed back to the relevant team to review. 

Please do let us know if there are more channels that need updating. 




Unfortunately the relevant team still hasn't managed to correct their mistakes on the 'new' versions of the channel guide:

Crime + Investigation HD and 4Seven HD are still on the incorrect channel numbers, and Great! TV is still missing.


What bloody team?

Apart from the header date, the web page hasn't changed for months.  So much for current information.

All that has been modified on the PDF document is again a new date.

Even the file name hasn't been correctly updated.  Its version 3.  What happened to December v1 or 2 ?

With the break coming up I think its time to update my Spreadsheet Version verified against the Master EPG.


Hi VMViewer, thanks for getting back to us.

Sorry to hear there's still incorrect information on our online guides.  I will go back to the relevant teams, to make sure they're aware.



Hi Lee_R

Would those be the same teams responsible for the actual webpage.

Whilst they seem to be able to change its date, it's strange they can't change the time dependent information?

Surely its not necessary to leave changes there for over 6 months?