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V6 volume hopeless

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My V6 volume is so low, I used to have it on 25 but now  I have to have it on 50. I have a new Samsung tv the sound was ok before, so why has it gone down, the old TiVo box you could adjust the sound up, so why can’t we set the V6 box sound to an increased level.

Something has to be done the amount of people complaining, what are we all paying money for something we can’t hear, it’s def the box as tested tv sound and it’s twice as loud if not going through V6 box.

Please just get it sorted

Thank you



Accepted Solutions

This could  be an HDMI-CEC issue, try turning HDMI control off on the Samsung. Our Samsung TV had similar issues with screen flashing but none since we turned HDMI control off.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Bazzamer 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community. 

Sorry to hear of the sound issues on the TV. Is this through all channels or specific ones? If specific, can you let us know which ones? 

Have you also got any sound bars connected to the TV? If so, can you remove this and test without it? 

If the TV box is connected directly to the TV, choose the setting "Dolby Digital to PCM". This setting applies to both HDMI and optical out;

  • Press Home on the remote 
  • Help & Settings 
  • Settings 
  • Audio

Please could you also double check that your cabling is all connected properly. Please remove the cable from both the STB and the TV and then plug it back in ensuring it is seated properly. 

Keep us posted how you get on.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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On our wavelength

Hi, There is a sound bar connected, but it is not used very often, and it is switched off, but I have tried unplugging and it does not make any difference. The sound level is the same on all channels which is now set at 50, on V6 box. but that is not very loud. I have tried all sorts and nothing makes any difference, although when I use free view, or Samsung it is fine, I end up having to turn the volume down as it blasts through. I have checked everything is seated correctly, even tried another HDMI.

All Samsung channels are fine and on a volume of 50 they can be too loud, and it drives me mad having to keep ho up and down with the volume, this new tv is a 4K could this have a bearing on it, as it’s only 3 weeks old. The only thing that I know, is when we had the TIVO box I could alter the volume, and it was just perfect, are you able to put a volume control menu on the V6, as looking at all the comments a lot of people are having the same problem. I have had Samsung do remote test and they can not find any faults, so as far I can see the V6 seems to be the problem, but how on earth are you going to solve this.

The tv is now on 80 and I would say it is the same as before when I had it on 25 never went above 30, everything that has been suggested I have done but nothing makes any difference. Hopefully someone will be able to sort this out, it’s very disappointing.

Thanks  Barry

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi Barry,

Is the V6 remote working  correctly?

You should be able to control the volume using that.  

Try pairing the V6 remote with your new TV again. You may have to reset the remote first. 


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Hi, Yes the Virgin remote paired with new tv automatically, as it turns the volume up and down on the tv, has no affect on V6. I am not aware that the V6 had its own volume control like the TiVo did, maybe will have to try and unpair to see if it works. The last Samsung tv I had never worked any volume on V6 box, but thanks. Bazzamer

Hi Dave, Well since wiping the remote out resetting it, it paired with the V6, it will change the Chanel’s etc, but the volume control does not work at all, on the V6 or on the tv. Before it would change channels on the tv and alter the volume, but it has never altered the volume on the V6. I have been asking if it could control the volume on the V6, but everyone says it can’t. My box was replaced a while ago but I did not get a new remote, could this be part of the problem.

Could you please advise, if the remote should change the volume on the V6, like the TiVo was, as this has never happened.

Many Thanks


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The V6 does not have a separate volume control unlike to older TiVo boxes.

As regards having reset the remote there are often a number of different codes for each TV model.  It is a case of working through the different codes until you find the correct one that controls the TV channel, TV volume and in some cases TV on/off.


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Hi @Bazzamer,

Thank you for expanding on this. Have you also tried un-pairing and then re-pairing the remote? Are you able to test the box with another TV to help eliminate this being related with your TV?


Zach - Forum Team
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On our wavelength

Hi Zack, Yes I have tried unpairing, and pairing about 4 times makes no difference at all. I do have another tv, but in another room and on the wall, but I am not prepared to take off the wall to try it, That is the reason I bought a new one as I dropped the other one, which the sound was fine, I am 76 yrs old and should not be messing about like this.

This all seemed to happen after we had a power cut on a Sunday day, I am getting really fed up with people saying try this and that, is there nobody with any experience who can solve this, not very professional just guessing all the time. All I know is it works fine on freeview, and Samsung channels, but sound through Virgin V6 volume is half power, must be others who have the same problem.

Thanks for trying


Hi Bazzamer

Can you order a new remote here to see if this rules out the issue