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V6 to Tivo connectivity issue

Heres a technical teaser...


Had a V6 and new router installed yesterday and everything worked well. Had connectivity between both the new V6 and old Tivo via poweline hubs fine.

This evening the V6 is flashing amber arrows saying there is no network connectivity. It cannot see the old Tivo box and cannot connect to the network (so it says)

The old Tivo can see the V6 box and any new recordings we have made since the apparent connectivity issues.

Anyone have a solution?

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Re: V6 to Tivo connectivity issue

Is there any way you can test with a wired connection at least on the box thats giving you problems ?

It may actually be worth trying to run that box using wifi instead of powerlines as powerline adaptors share bandwidth much the same way as wifi does.


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Re: V6 to Tivo connectivity issue

the obvious one is:  switch it off and on again.

 what is the exact message - it the V6 complaining about V6 - hub link or v6 via white coax to Virgin link or is it being annoyingly vague ?

you say tivo can see V6 ( but not vice versa) so  can you actually playback a v6 recording on the Tivo

 is your powerline  setup apparently working i.e. go you have green lights at each end where they normally appear, and flashing lights indicating data transfer

 do you have any other device you can connect via powerline as a powerline test ? 

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