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V6 recorded programme unavailable

On our wavelength


I have some old BBC recordings on my V6 box, but when I try to play them, I get the message:

No Longer Available

We're sorry, but this recording can't be viewed because BBC ONE is no longer available from Virgin Media.

What's going on? Of course BBC ONE is available! If I the try to watch the same recording through my TIVO box, I get the message:

Not Permitted

Doctor Who - Flux: The Halloween Apocalypse

Due to policy set by the copyright holder, this recording cannot be played on the TIVO box.

Why a different message?



@NeillRoy wrote:

I just had a chat with a very nice chap from GiggaFibre or some such. Fast cable broadband for WAY less than I pay virgin. I told him I was trapped into staying with virgin due to the amount of recorded content I still have on my V6 box. 

Thanks Virgin for fixing the one last reason to stay a loyal (25 years) customer. 

There's a large number of altnets that all provide broadband over fibre but they are not Pay TV providers. If TV matters to you, as it does to many, then the options are VM, Sky and BT TV. I think all three are now quite close in terms of what they offer and you should be willing to jump ship at the end of your contract even though you've been a cable customer for 25 years.

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