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V6 - programmes not recorded in hiccups

Super solver

Although the programmes have recorded as planned successfully, I sometimes get a notice in recording hiccups that the programme after 21.00  has "not recorded", is there a reason for that.?

Only noticed this recently,could it be due  to the epg being out of date.

The usual notices in recording hiccups are "deleted" and "can recover"

This does not seem to affect the recordings which all worked, just false not recorded notices in hiccups.

The equipment was powered up and the recording were done,so the recording hiccup message "not recorded" has not affected the recording and appears to be a false notice?, some have the programme listed but no date, channel or time which is odd.

examples where the the recording hiccup notice says not recorded, but recording do exist and play OK.

channel 294 (10/8/23 21.00) now 80's music

channel 102  arena (22.35) -everly brothers ( sat 12th august 2023 but no date recorded)

channel 420 (8/82/3 22.00) movies24+  (22.00) film

channel 424 (6/8/23 22.00) movies24 film

channel 420 (4/8/23 10.00) film

channel 606 talk tv (was 22.00 but no date recorded)

several other programmes also, with no time and date and channel listed.

I have updated the network settings today  and succeeded (had failed) and the day and date are correct today.




Super solver

I may have solved this, unusual fault.

I have a timer on my tv system which cuts out at 00.30, and the timer was approx half an hour slow, so the recording was being interrupted probably a few minutes before the end of the shows at 00.00 thus  flagging not recorded, but with adverts etc this was not being noticed, but strange it did not say partial recording?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

I can't see why a timer on your TV would have any impact on your V6 recording.

The recording hiccup entry should give a one-line explanation next to it, of the reason for non-recording. I think there should also be a matching entry in the right-hand panel.

That's likely going to be the answer to your query. Post up a picture of the hiccup entries in question if you're not sure.

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thanks for the reply,

It turns out that the V6 had also been on the timer so probably did cause the problem.

I have altered the power arrangement and my test recordings last night all worked, so have fixed the problem, the timer was actually half an hour fast, not slow, and was probably due to the hour changing for summertime and also a recent half hour power cut in my area.

I also had  used to put the V6 in standby mode   during the night, but perhaps best to leave on if recordings have been set.

My timer has an over ride switch which is useful and by-passes the timer when needed.

smart tv-unusual fault- (hitachi 2014)-unrelated fault

Although not connected with the V6, the other issue I had was a TV becoming unresponsive and would not switch on with the power light blinking and the screen flashing but no picture or sound and would not respond to a remote control.

At first I thought the TV was faulty, but I found a manual control at the rear of the TV and operated that a few times and the TV came back on. I have not had that fault before, it seemed that the TV needed to be reset by using the manual button, and now the remote control works and picture and sound are normal. The firmware did not update the last time checked so I will update again.

Also the integral DVD player in the TV says no disc, but there is one inserted and it will not eject with the button, so it may be faulty and there is no eject on the remote, so no way to remove the dvd disc which must have been left in the dvd player previously.