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V6 on demand error code 669

Joining in

I’ve had the same problem for a long time now, over multiple boxes in fact (had one replaced for something else). 

When I try and play something On Demand, I get the message that the show is temporarily unavailable and gives error code 669. 

I’ve seen a few other threads on it, but they all frustratingly revert to private messaging rather than finding a solution for everyone to read. 

So is there a solution?

It’s connected wirelessly, but this really isn’t the problem (I noticed the other threads were connected via wire). And restarting the box by the switch usually fixes it.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Thinarms,

Thanks for your Post on the forums, I am sorry you're having this issue with your TV service when you try to watch something on On Demand. I have a link here - TV Errors - Which has more information on the error code you've posted which may help.

I would like to do some diagnostic tests on my side, if you could turn on your TV box and let me know, I can then begin my tests 🙂 

I would also recommend checking all the connections that come from and to your TV box, including the coax cable and splitter.

Can I also ask how your TV box is connected to the Hub please? Via WIFI or wired? 

Do you have any issues with your broadband? On Demand relies heavily on a good internet connection, so this error would direct us to checking your internet as well. 




I've looked at the error code link you sent, but my error isn't listed as far as I can see.  Obviously you can see it, so please send me a link to the error code 669.

My box is on if you want to do tests.  It is connected to the hub using wifi.  

The cables are all fine.  Turning the V6 off then on again clears the error, so would that mean the cables are all fine?

When the error return it is there everyday until I reboot.  Then it's ok for that day but returns again at a later date.


Hi Thinarms,

Thanks for providing us with the error code you're seeing and the additional information in relation to the problem. Can I just confirm, is your V6 Box connected to an Ultra HD TV, or 4/8K TV? If so, your V6 box needs to be connected to the HDMI input on your TV that supports HDCP 2.2. You’ll need to consult your TV manual to identify which input this is for your TV make and model.

Do you also have any audio or video equipment connected in between your V6 box and your TV? If so, are you able to test the TV with these disconnected?

I know you have mentioned this issue is through the On Demand service but is the issue also occurring on Live TV, and in V6 apps?


Reece - Forum Team

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