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V6 no picture black sceen and picture break up using splitter

I have had Virgin for 5years always using a 4 way splitter this recently failed I changed the splitter with no improvement .I have had long term broadband very low speed problems even with extenders there was no improvement In the end I forced the issue to get an engineer out it was a modem problem with the channels the V6 box was reset to 1080 on both channels  the splitter worked but kept losing the signal I felt it was due to reduction in signal strength on the Tv feed I replaced the feed cable to the splitter which was 15 meters long it is upstairs to the splitter no difference, so I fitted the old splitter next to the V6 box via a short HDMI cable,  then connected the Tv to the splitter out put then connected the splitter to the one upstairs via the 15 meter cable so I was using 2 output channels one to tv the other to the original splitter location up stairs I had removed the return the feed to the tv in doing this the upstairs' splitter was now acting as a signal booster to other  3 tvs in the house it all works perfectly now.

Main problem was HDMI cables were to long 30 meters return this weakens the signal I have removed 17 meters of cable in using 2 splitter's the same result can achieved by using booster units I have been told a max o 4 can be used its all try it and see.

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