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V6 missing series link recordings


Last Saturdays episode of the Voice (ITV1 HD 20:00) failed to record and in recording hiccups it shows as "not new", which it wasn't.

Today's Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (Friday ITV1 21:00) also failed to record and in hiccups it shows as "duplicate", which it wasn't.

I was lead to believe that the V6 TiVo was state-of-the-art ... yet it cannot even record scheduled programmes ...

Any ideas???


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Re: V6 missing series link recordings

Can you post an image of the Hiccups report?

Mine says duplicate too for "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' but for channels 103 and 853 only  -  this is correct as it sucessfully recorded on channel 113.

If you uses Series Link+ you will always get duplicate messages if the episode is on more than one channel at the same time.

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Re: V6 missing series link recordings

Form a previous post in respect to this
"I noticed a few days ago that The Voice wasn't set to record this week and realised that it was showing as an old episode - I set it to record anyway (separate from the series link). As you said, it was wrongly set as an old episode, which must have been ITV's fault. Glad I spotted it early."

The V6 box is good but in the information provided by a TV company is incorrect then recordings will tend to fail.

You can amend the series link from "New only" to either "Everything" or "New & reruns" which will get around the issue of the episode being wrongly labeled, unless you have recorded the same episode in the last 28 days.  The 28 days is important as that is how long the V6 box retains info that something has been previously recorded and show a duplicate in Hiccups.

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Re: V6 missing series link recordings

There seemed to be some sort of issue with WWTBAM, I had my series link set to recordings and streaming and mid-week I had two episodes appear as available for streaming that claimed to be Thursday and Friday's episode but when I went to watch one they were actually episodes from earlier in the week, however they then seemed to prevent the actual episodes from recording. I was able to resolve Friday by setting a manual recording and I could watch Thursday's on demand (though I had to go into the full on demand section, trying to view through My Shows would still show the older episode when I tried to play Thursday's) but basically seems like ITV messed up their on demand shows which bust the series link.

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Re: V6 missing series link recordings

Hi, JamesBarnaby1.

I see you're having some issues with recording some shows. The complete guide to Virgin V6 TV box can be seen here. This will help with your needed steps for recording shows.

You might also want to take a look into the channel lineup. The channel guide will be viewable here.

Alternatively, for a more in-depth look into your show recording issue, we can do this via online chat.


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