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V6 box stuck on STARTING UP

My V6 box stuck on starting up since 10am this morning I have tried everything restarting and redoing wires etc etc. 
called Virgin and it’s online but may not be working. And to leave it on this screen for 3 hours and reboot which were almost time so did it and guess what STARTING UP STUCK
everything else all ok just this. Can’t use remote or anything it shows all languages and hello but then starting up screen, no updates or anything. 

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Re: V6 box stuck on STARTING UP

Hi Mamabee2010,

Sorry to see you are having problems with your V6.

You can try turning it off at the mains for 10 minutes, this may allow the internal computer memory to reset.

It that doesn't work it sounds like you may need a new box. That would mean losing all your links and recordings.

One thing you can try is  a hard reset -  BUT Please note doing this will erase all the V6 data - such as all you recordings and links (the same as getting a new box)

Since you will have already tried the 10 minute "fix", turn kit off at the mains again for 5 minutes then 

Hold the + and standby buttons on the front of the V6 together simultaneously and keeping the buttons pressed in turn the V6 on again with the rocker switch on the back,  and wait till you see the welcome screen appear on the TV - then release the buttons. 

If that fails then I'm sorry to say you need to call  Faults again.

But me firm, tell them you waited 3 hours as per their instructions and it still isn't working.

Also tell them you've performed the hard reset. The best to call between 8am and 10am to avoid call queues, or late afternoon around tea time

When calling Faults hopefully the system should recognise that you've spoken to them earlier and place you into a queue for an agent to pick up.

If not and you get the automated response asking you to press 1 for the link to online support etc.

Ignore all the options and don't press any buttons then you should be placed into a queue and an agent should pick up the phone and resolve the problem.

If they don't help again then take the Retentions route (thinking of leaving us option)


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