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V6 box not working after essential Virgin work

Up to speed

Hi we had essential work done by Virgin media on April 18th the V6 hasn't worked properly since then 

The menu isn't filling up correctly,it's missing the pictures,live TV is stuttering and when I go to watch a recording from last night when I press play a spinning circle appears and I have to reboot 

There was nothing wrong with my system before the engineers performed essential work












Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

I'll ask the obvious, but have you switched the box off for 10 minutes & then restarted it.

This certainly sounds like a faulty box, or one that is developing a fault. So if a reboot does not cure it then you will need to report it to Virgin.

V6 boxes should work to play back recordings during cable outages. It's only if you reboot them during an outage that they may then stall in the reboot sequence.

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Certainly have rebooted,I actually turned the V6 off at the mains last night and have just turned it back on to find the same problems 

This only happened after virgin engineers have been working to modernise and future proof the connection 


I've just recorded a 1hour program,it's only recorded half of it and it's stop start , unwatchable 

Funniest thing is the duration of the program is shown as 5hours and 36mins!!! Not !


Having got up this morning and turned TV on to find a totally empty program menu again I phoned virgin media ,seems there's still work going on in my area to rectify the problem 

Hope so



Hi @Moogera, thanks for your post on our Community Forums, and welcome back to our Community Forums.

I've been able to look into the local area, and it appears that there is an SNR issue in the local area, that is estimated to be resolved on 02/05/23 at 09:00.

We apologies for any frustration or inconvenience this may cause you and will do all within our power to have this resolved long term.

Kindest regards,


That's great news thanks 

Thank you @Moogera 


Please do pop back to us after this time and let us know how things are looking with the service? 

Any news about what's going on with the TV faults that were due to be fixed by 9am Monday,it was moved to 2.30pm today Wednesday and it's still not fixed

On Friday the V6 box shut down ,I rebooted and all the lights on the front of the box were constantly flashing

Obviously there's still a problem

According to the status check everything is fixed,however my V6 box is still showing all lights flashing and will not get past the getting started page

I have phoned Virgin media and the operator has booked me an engineer for tomorrow 👍