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V6 box frozen on Start up screen.

My V6 box seems to have completely died.  On switching on, it gets through the welcome screen but then freezes on the "starting up" screen.  The power light flashes white and purple and there is also a flashing WiFi light and another light with 2 arrows.

Prior to this, the box had been working OK although some of the recordings were glitchy which makes me think this is hard drive failure.

Any idea how to get a replacement? I tried calling the help line about a week ago but I they're not taking calls.  I've also sent a text to the 07533 number but not confident that that will achieve anything.

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Re: V6 box frozen on Start up screen.

Send me a pm with your postcode, account number and area code if you know it. So I can try to help you.
To PM me, just hover over my profile picture and click Send Message when the option comes up. Please don't post any of the info I've asked for in this thread as it's public

Thanks Angelo

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