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V6 box fault

Settling in

I have a V6 box in two rooms. One upstairs in the same room as the router, hardwired. There is no problem with this box. The V6 box downstairs (also hardwired) when switched on from standby every morning the "on Demand" and "Apps" (Netflix, Prime, etc) functions fail to load, a message box appears with the following fault codes: On Demand fault code 669, Apps fault code tvq-pb-101(5.2.12). The only way to fix this problem is to switch the power to the V6 box off and on again, but the next day the same problem arises.

I have rang VM numerous times and had this escalated to a Level 2 Engineer on 4 occasions with promises it will be fixed within 48 hrs, no such luck. I have been asked if my TV is HDCP2.2 compatible? yes it is. Have I the correct HDMI Cable? yes I have even renewed it. I have also changed the input on my TV to another HDMI Slot.

I have additionally had 4 engineers to the house, they have changed the V6 box for a new one, swapped the upstairs box for the downstairs box, checked the drop line to the router (all OK), connected the box with WI-FI, changed the power setting from Eco to Always On, nothing has worked. it is now with the engineering team and I am awaiting a response.

Any ideas out there?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Jim1955 

Does the same error (ie 669) occur if you swap the boxes around?

You say both boxes are hardwired, have you tried using another Ethernet cable, to eliminate the possibility of the one in the location that's having the issues being faulty?

How exactly is that "faulty" box hardwired to the hub? 

Are you using a very long ethernet cable, a splitter, an access point, home plugs etc?

The tvq-pb-101(5.2.12) is  a netflix error code and is sometimes caused by the HDMI cable not being HDCP 2.2 compliant, although the usual suggested remedy by netflix is to reboot the equipment. Have you tried swapping the HDMI cable between the two TV's to see if the "working HDMI" cable still has the same issues. IF it does then  would seem to suggest a broken HDMI port on either the TV or V6 - I know you've already tried different ports on the TV, but also try different ports with the known working HDMI cable from the other V6.

Netflix also suggest bypassing any receivers or sound systems in use by connecting your device directly to your TV using an HDMI cable.

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Hi Jim1955,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂

Sorry to hear you've been having some issues with the TV boxes.

Can you confirm if there has been any change since you've posted?

If you're still having problems with the equipment can you confirm what newapollo has asked?