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V6 box distorted picture and often doesn’t connect to TV

Does anyone else get bright lines around shapes when on their V6 TV picture? Sometimes the lines are white, other times blue or red?

It normally happens after I switch sources, e.g. from blue ray to V6 box or Chromecast to V6.  I know the TV is fine because the picture quality on Blue ray or Chromecast is perfect before I switch.

The only way I’ve found to solve it is to unplug HDMI lead from v6 box plug it in again and restart, sometimes it works 1st time but more often it takes at least 2 attempts, this is very frustrating and I’m worried that I’m damaging the HDMI slot on the V6 box.

Ive also replaced the HDMI lead and swapped slots on the TV but it still does it from time to time.

issue 2 (I suspect they are related)

Often when I turn on the V6 box for the first time that day the TV doesn’t pick up signal from the box at all.  Switching the box off and on at remote doesn’t always work so I end up doing a hard restart at the plug.

Any ideas?

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