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V6 box and service activation

OK here goes. I only want broadband. I don't want or need a virgin landline or TV package. My package was 70MB/s broadband and landline only. Virgin had crept the monthly price up to an annoyingly high level so I phoned the "thinking of leaving" and the only thing they could offer to get the price down was a package that included TV and a 100MB/s broadband upgrade. This was offered at about 20% lower than I was already paying and they waived all the silly miscellaneous charges apart from £5 delivery. So my thinking was that this is cheaper than I'm paying and should give me a faster broadband connecton even though I don't actually want the landline or TV part of the package.. The V6 box arrived and I can't use it because there's no virgin coax anywhere near my TV and I have no desire to trail cables all over my house for some TV channels I'll never watch. I don't even know what Game of Thrones is, and have no interest in finding out. Does anyone know if I need to "activate the service" to get my newly agreed lower monthly cost and if I do "activate the service" will the broadband only work if I've got the V6 box connected? Looking on my online "my package" page it shows the new phone/TV/broadband package. I'm trying to avoid the following scenarios: 1. I end up still paying the old higher monthly charge 2. Something stops working because I haven't connected the unrequired V6 box. I tried phoning virgin but that was a less than satisfactory experience Thanks for any help.
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Alessandro Volta
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Re: V6 box and service activation

Call the thinking of leaving option again. You might be able to negotiate a different package with them again or at least give best advice on activating the new package.
Also at the least you should get a (free) technician visit to install the coax cabling and V6 to the site next to your TV. Be aware that the V6 "MUST" also be connected to the Hub - this is best done by Cat5e/6 ethernet cabling whenever practical (is your Hub near where you want the V6?) or wifi if the signal is strong there.
Oh and you can relax - you wont bump in to Game of Thrones after all as its on Sky Atlantic which VM doesnt carry.

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