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V6 box and IR

I want to buy a 4K TV and want to use wired connections throughout. I current have a Tivo which has served its purpose but cannot use 4K. The problem I have is that the V6 box which would be my natural upgrade, uses RF and supposedly IR but if I used IR presumably the radio aspect would still be 'searching'. Does anyone know if it's possible to turn it off? Also, I'm current using Wall plugs connected to my router upstairs. Can wall plugs give enough power to run a 4K TV setup? I've posted before about similar things but am always grateful for any advice as I don't use or desire wifi, Bluetooth or anything else that gives off RF. Thank you in advance.

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Re: V6 box and IR


The RF feature of the V6 cannot be turned off on either the box or the remote I am afraid.

As long as you have at least 25mbps download from the hub to the V6 then you can stream, to add the V6 only uses a network connection for Catch Up, On Demand, TV Guide, iPlayer, Amazon Prime and all apps that use data. It still uses coaxial connection to get TV channels.

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Re: V6 box and IR

I use a harmony remote for the V6, it uses IR i've never used the RF and have had no issues

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