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V6 'blipping'


Since last week I've been having issues with my V6 box. Started with some kind of handshake failure on start up which resulted in digital static on the TV.  Even if the V6 was left on, and the TV booted up, it happened. The only way to get a proper picture and sound was to change the AV inputs on the TV then go back to the HDMI input.
Changed all the cables with no difference.

Tried booting TV first then starting V6. No difference.

Other devices into the same HDMI input / cables were fine.

In a spot of desperation, swapped the V6 into a different HDMI and now I get a picture and so on on start up.
Problem now is that every 2-3 minutes I get a split second break in sound and the digital static again.  Rather irritating to say the least.

Any ideas, or just call them up?



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Re: V6 'blipping'

The first thing to check is the service status to see if there are any faults in your area, its painless and all you need to enter is your post code - Check service status.
If there are no known faults in your area then you need to examine how you have connected your V6 box to your TV.

The V6 box should be connected to your TV via the supplied HDMI.

Your post suggests that you may have other devices connecting to your TV via HDMI ports and some sort of other AV devices that may be causing issues.

I would suggest going back to basics, disconnect and power down all devices that connect to your TV.  Connect the V6 box only and power up your TV and then the V6 box.  If the fault goes away, then add back in the other devices one at a time until the fault reappears.  If the fault persists with only the V6 box connected then there are only two realistic causes, the V6 box (or a signal issue) or there is an issue with your TV.  If it is the former then it would be an idea to telephone Virgin and report the issue, if it is the latter then it may be time for a new TV.

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