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V6 blank screen

Whenever i turn my tv and v6 box on i get a black screen but with sound and the info bar at the bottom so i can see what channels are on and change but i can't see any actual picture.However if i then turn off then on again its fine,any ideas what it could be? Im pretty sure its not my tv as i wouldnt be able to see the virgin info bar at the bottom of the screen.


Nick cooper


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Re: V6 blank screen

Hi there Nic , 

I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues when you first start up your TV and V6. And apologies also for the delay in reaching your post. 

The issue you're describing sounds a little like there's an issue with the HDMI handshake. You mention that you get the issue when you turn your TV and V6 on, is this from standby, or is the V6 powered off?

Some suggestions you may find will help with this. 

Try a new HDMI lead. 

Follow this path on the V6   Home > Help & Settings > Settings > Video Output > Change Settings > Auto Detect

This will run a test and select the optimal setting for your TV, it could be that the V6 is trying to connect on a screen resolution that is out of range for your TV. 

Let us know how you get on. 




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