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V6 and TiVo losing connection

Hi, V6 box is connected by Ethernet to hub. TiVo box is connected by netgear plp 1200 power line adapters. All 3 green lights lit on both power line adapters. When watching programs from " other TiVo boxes" ( watching on v6, recorded in my shows on TiVo ) every 5 - 10 mins I keep getting message saying connection has been lost with TiVo box your box may have been unplugged or network problem V87

All green lights still on.

Any help would be appreciated as it's driving me mad and appears a waste of £50 for power line adapters.

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Re: V6 and TiVo losing connection

Hi bigglyn

Powerline adaptors can be affected by the mains wiring in your house, if your house is relatively new its possible your consumer unit has noise filtering on the RCD breakers (I found this to be the case at my brothers house, also the noise filtering will be on seperate ring mains) this causes the powerline signals to be reduced so speeds will drop. Also if your wiring is very old powerlines also struggle. The manufacturers of powerline adaptors dont tell you about these issues but the issues do exist.


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Re: V6 and TiVo losing connection


I have similar issues. My Tivo box is connected to the Hub3 via a cat5 cable, the V6 is connected by wireless.

On a daily basis the Hub3 loses the Tivo box and I need restart the Hub3 to regain connectivity, the green activity light on the port shows it's connected and active.

I've tried the Tivo in all the ports. My desktop is also connected via Cat5 and has no problems with connectivity.

Simply restarting the Tivo doesn't help, even after leaving it off for 30 minutes, the Hub3 needs to be restarted.

I suspect the long periods of inactivity with the Tivo boax cause the connection to be lost.

Any advice would be most welcome.

Thanks, Pete.

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