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V6 Tivo Box Pixelating. Virgin are liars!

I've been with Virgin for many years now and beginning to think about moving elsewhere,

My Tivo Box freezes for 3-5 seconds, long story but after 2 years of complaining, Virgin finally tell me it is a known fault with the box and there is no fix.

Now, for the last 6+ months my TV is horribly pixelating the entire screen. After several calls of VM telling me to pull the power cord out of the V6 box, then pull the cord out of the V6 box and switch off at the socket together. Then change the HDMI cable, Tried all this and the picture is still pixelating!

I sent in a complaint to Virgin to make this official, heard nothing for months then I receive a letter out of the blue from the complaints team. VM claim to have tried 'several' times to make contact with me but failed, therefore they assume that the problem is fixed and so have closed my complaint!

Absolute Lie!!

I have my mobile phone with me all day, My landline has an answer machine and missed call display. Not once have VM telephoned either device, not once have they emailed me and apart from closing my complaint letter, they have not written to me either!

I sent in a stroppy message and a couple of days later I receive a call from Virgin on my mobile. The first question was "is everything okay with your landline?", I Had to reiterate my issue and the caller did not know what pixelating  meant!!

After I educated the caller, she said she would need to pass me to the technical department, the call diverted and I listened to music for over 10 minutes before losing the will to live.

So i'm sitting here now no better off and fed up to the back teeth with Virgin. After many good years with Virgin, why have they become blatant liars and incompetent at their job?

Hopefully a VM representative will read this and take ownership of an issue with a lonf standing customer!

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Re: V6 Tivo Box Pixelating. Virgin are liars!

Evening gdjtam,


Thanks for your post, 


I'm sorry to hear of the ongoing issue with the picture quality on your TV. 


I've run a health check and need a few more details from you, so I've popped you over a private message.


Get back to me when you can.



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