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V6 Remote Pairing Problem


We've been having some issues with our once perfectly working v6 remote. Before you could use it with ease, even when the box was hidden away. But for some reason or another, this function has become obsolete. I've tried unparing the remote and resetting using the info/clear buttons, but all I keep getting Is flashing red buttons rather that green ones. Therefore, how can I set the remote back up so that we can use it whilst hiddden Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: V6 Remote Pairing Problem

The LED's are not really an indication of the mode the remote is functioning in, it is more of a case that green LED's are signals to the TV and red LED are signals to the V6 box.

"I've tried unparing the remote and resetting using the info/clear buttons"  this is not the procedure to unpair the remote.
You would need to:
Press and hold the CLEAR and TV buttons at the same time until the LED flashes green twice
Press the Thumbs down button three times then press ok
The LED will flash green twice, Press Ok, wait until the LED is off
Your remote would then be unpaired.

One reason why you may not a response from the remote is low battery power, RF mode can eat batteries, I tend to use something like Duracell as they last longer than cheap ones.  Try changing the batteries for new ones, if this does not solve the issue completely power down the V6 box, using the on/off switch at the rear of the box, wait 30 seconds and restore the power.

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