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V6 Poor Quality Sound compared to Fire TV

Hi Virgin, 

I have compared the same program on Virgin Amazon Prime channel and Fire TV streamer and i have noticed a markedly improved sound quality on the Fire TV streamer. My V6 is set for Dolby Digital and the streamer does do Dolby Digital Plus. According to Dolby website:

Dolby Digital has a bitrate of 384-640 Kbps and Plus has a bitrate of 96-128 Kbps, so you would think Digital would be better but due to Plus being twice as efficient as Digital it sounds one helluva lot better than Digital. 

My question is if Plus is so much more efficient are Virgin going to upgrade their decoders in the new boxes to Plus? Unfortunately, you can't do a software update on this by the looks of things!

I'm currently starting to use streamers instead of the V6 box due to this huge increase in sound quality and this would be a show stopper if sound quality is better elsewhere.


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