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V6 On Demand blank screen if Video Output 2160p

On demand (movies specifically) used to work on my V6 a few months ago.  I'm not aware of changing the Video output settings in that time, but for the last few weeks I have been aware that when attempting to play any movie preview it would show the progress bar (at 0sec) but otherwise would be a blank screen.

From a VM message that popped up today suggesting setting video output to 1080p, I did that and it then worked.

My TV supports all the video output modes, but if either 2160p option is selected then on demand does not work.

Is this a known issue that means 2160p is not supported for on demand?  (Doesn't even scale up)
Will it be fixed in a later update to the box?

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Re: V6 On Demand blank screen if Video Output 2160p

It means something with your setup is not hdcp2.2 complient and cannot display properly on your TV.


Often it's when your v6 is connected to an amp rather than straight to TV