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V6 Issues

Hi all,

Would appreciate some help. Had Virgin since October 2018. Initially had a few issues with the box waking from standby. Put into 'always on' mode, which seemed to fix the issue (mainly) until a few weeks ago. There have a been a few issues between October and now where I would need to turn the box off and on as it just would not display on my TV.

In the last few weeks, having several issues which can occur once or twice a day:

- Turn box on, nothing happens. White light shows box is on, but nothing displayed on TV - have to restart box

- Random crashes several times a week and the box freezes. Only way to fix is to reboot the box

- Setting Series Link but they do not show in My Planned Recordings. Go back to TV Guide to set again and there is no 'R' symbol. When I try to add a new Series Link, it asks me if I want to make changes to the existing link (even though one isn't showing)

- Sometimes when using the box for the first time in the day, the Info menu is distorted/pixelated. Turn box off and on to see if that makes a difference then the issue starts where nothing is displayed on screen

I've run a Test of the equipment each time there is an issue, which always says 'no issues detected'.

I've read various forums which may indicate faulty equipment, even down to the HDMI and Ethernet leads. I've tried everything, does anyone have any ideas? Little reluctant to call customer services at the moment, as forums always report having issues trying to convince customer services there is an issue.

Thanks in advance. CF63 4NP

EDIT: Reading more forums, are my TV settings to blame? My Sony Android TV has a setting Enhanced Format setting for HDMI 2 and 3 (for likes of 4K and 10-bit). I always set this to On and have the HDMI connected to one of these two ports. Do I need to be using this to get the 4K experience from the V6 or should I connect the box to another HDMI (say 1 or 4)?

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Re: V6 Issues

Hi  flashforward


Thanks for messaging us today. 


Can you confirm what has been advised thus far and if you have  contacted our technical team regarding this? 


Kind Regards 



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