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V6 Box white light with red tint


The box in my kitchen when turned on shows a pinkish maybe orangey light instead of the pure white light my other box shows. It appears to be working OK thought as it is recording and playing back recordings fine so not sure if it’s something to be concerned about?

I’ve only had this a couple of months as it was a replacement for one that had hard disk issues.


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey jgnotts, thanks for posting on our help forum to enquire this.
We're sorry to hear your main light on the TV box concerns you as it's not solid white when box is on, we'd love to best help with this.

The amber light or red light tints you've described above may indicate a slightly weak connection / signal potentially (may be an instant drop out for example) when the TV box connects to the network via Wi Fi however, as you've explained this does not have an impact to any of your TV services such as on demand / catch up and / or recordings that is nothing to worry about while it may just be a minor instability not capable of causing service issues.

Is there anything else that you find to be unusual regarding the TV box in query such as noises or higher than normal temperatures coming from it?
If not, you're good to use this as normal - please do pop us a new message to let us know if this helps and how you get on.

We'd be happy to investigate things further in the event you've noticed an issue with your TV services, so please kindly advise on this.

Forum Team

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Thanks. I have the box connected via an ethernet cable so not using wifi. 


Thank you @jgnotts if all is working OK then there is no need to worry.


Is the temperature of the box OK?


Thank you