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V6 Box not delivered, but package has been updated??

Hi All,

I've twice ordered the V6 via the recent swap letters sent out a month or so ago, unfortunately I have not had the V6 box delivered..

The first attempt I received no confirmation email or text and obviously, no V6 delivery.  I reordered via the same V6 swap link and the new V6 was due to be delivered June 26.  Nothing has been received other than an email confirming my package has been updated and my new bill amount, but no V6 box...

Called this morning and all that they confirmed is that "I should" receive it by the 30th June?  This was from the billing and payments department?  Needless to say I'm not confident anything will turn up at all.  When processing the V6 swap, the website stated a confirmation email will be sent confirming delivery dates etc.. but at no stage have I received any confirmation or notification that the order was even processed...

I understand due to the current situation with COVID and lock down, delays will happen but this has been ongoing for over a month now.  During lock down, we have been receiving deliveries every day without issue, only with this Virgin box...

Is there a lack of stock? Any one else encountering these issues?  Getting a little annoyed as overall level of service has been poor, yet the bill has been updated, and come the 30th June when I still have no V6 box, will the service to my V+ be terminated?





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Re: V6 Box not delivered, but package has been updated??

I know of friends that have not had a dissimilar experience, so you're not alone. I'm suspecting an issue with the team/process that is picking up the completed webforms - they're filled in, you get the "you will receive an email within a week" and then... total radio silence.

In fairness, relatives have used the form and their swap is now showing under "my orders" - but still no confirmation email.

If you call C/S, you might be able to negotiate a free swap out of them, depending on your package. No harm trying!

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