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Unable to use Onkyo AV wirelessly

Hello Team

So, I've just had a V6 box replacement to rectify a Netflix issue.  The engineer left me with the old remote.  However, my Onkyo TX-NR686 AV will no longer work wirelessly.  It is connected to the same WiFi network as the V6 box.  I have the Bluetooth turned off. And bizzarely, the TV remote will still work the volume wirelessly, but I'd really like to put it away and just go back to using the V6 remote.

I have tried pretty much everything on these boards.  You know, the clearing, pairing, sorting the PR5 issue and I can only adjust the volume via IR.  I am back in tearing hair out territory.  I mean, who needs a cupboard door open when watching TV?

To sort the PR5 fault issue which I also experienced, you might want to look at the  mentioned in another thread, and see if your AV brand is mentioned.  Onkyo is, and  on my setup, I don't need to go through the Help & Settings menu.  Just point, Clear + TV at the Onkyo?V6 combo until the double flash, then punch in the code.  I found one that works my Onkyo.  Only one out of all of them.  But what that does, is sidestep the PR5 issue entirely.  No need to go through the whole menu, only to get the PR5.  2 hours of my life I'm not getting back ....

Another thread mentioned disconnecting everything that goes through the AV, except the V6 box. So, I disconnected the BluRay, turned the TV off at the mains and took the batteries out of the TV (an LG flat screen) remote.  Only the the V6, the remote and the Onkyo are on.  For good measure, I turned those off and on again at the mains and waited until the sound came through, indicating that we are back and running.  I've tried again to pair and set the code and all I can get is the IR volume change on the Onkyo.

I find it hard to believe that the old remote has packed up because everythingt else is working wirelessly.  The Onkyo is obviously working wirelessly becaause the TV remote is operating the volume.

It's really frustrating.

Anybody got any ideas about what I'm missing ....apart from a life?!


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Re: Unable to use Onkyo AV wirelessly

Hi I'm afraid I have to go along with the "missing life" part of your post i have many devices, a V6, TV, bluray, amplifier, and a fire stick, i don't have any problem from my arm chair operating any of them with there individual remotes, people are to cosseted these days. Regards Micky
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