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Tv flicking on and off

Anyone having the same problems as me ?

TV V6 box; screen keeps flicking on and off. Absolute nightmare. Been happening since last October. Had new V6 box fitted before xmas as engineer couldn't find a problem but luckily I videoed it. Typical it stops when they come !! 

Anyway, its started again. Checked ALL wires, rebooted constantly.



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Re: Tv flicking on and off

Hi I am always surprised by posts like this why are you putting up with a fault like this for so long, phone and go down the Tv faults route.Regards Micky
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Re: Tv flicking on and off

The usual suspects after having  replacement V6 box has to be the connection between the V6 box and the TV.

A standard approach would be to:
1)Check the Video output settings of the V6 box, make sure that only one option is ticked
2)Change the HDMI input to the TV from the V6 box.
3)Change the HDMI cable.

Each of the above options should be tried one at a time and checked, if the fault persists, and then try the next option.

It does depend when the screen flicks on/off, this can mean that the for some reason the V6 box has detected a change to either the signal or the mode supported by the TV.  If the flicking only happens after an hour or so, this would suggest a fault with the TV or the HDMI port, if it is random then it would suggest an intermittent issue with the signal.

To check the Video output settings Home > Help & Settings > Settings > Video Output > Video Output Format

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