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Tv Outage

I have to say yesterday's outage was somewhat of a public relations disaster for VM. The lack of updates, and by the way not everyone uses Twitter, was woeful. Using terms 'power outage' and 'working hard' are corporate nonsense. A true full explanation of the fault, what was being done and what would being done to prevent further issues would be the least customers should expect. I have no doubt VM will not compensate it's customers as it will quote the two full days rule but surely some sort of weekend package upgrade of Sky sports or films would be a gesture that may prevent customers leaving all together. The explanation should be emailed to the customer and not be on Twitter or even this site. All, or at least the vast majority, of your customers get their bills from you via email so there is no excuse. 

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Re: Tv Outage

Agree.   The fact the website was down did not help.   


I noticed a mod had a timeline on this forum of updates.  No good if you could not even get on here. 

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Re: Tv Outage

There was an announcement on the VM service status line 0800 561 0061 advising of a power outage.

The  page was also updated during the day with the latest information.

All TV channels seem to have been restored although at present there are issues in some areas with  video on demand and catch up services which should be rectified early tomorrow 

It's a shame VM didn't update the normal phoneline to advise of the actual issue.



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