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Trying to order a new remote for my V6

Knows their stuff

So this morning I am trying to order a new remote for my V6. Of course you cannot speak to a human, but they did send a link to order one. OK so far... so I went through filling in the details and they said it would be free. Got right to the end and it said there was an error their end and to redo the order, so I did. This time however it said I will have to pay £9.99 as I had a replacement in the last 6 months. This must mean that the 1st order did go through. Since then I have been trying to speak to a human to make sure they do not charge £9.99 but it is simply impossible to speak to anyone. At the moment I have been waiting 50 mins on Whatsapp. This is really unacceptable. I pay them not far off £200 pm and this is how they treat customers?

If there is an admin that can get this sorted I would be grateful. I just need to know that a new remote has been ordered and that I won't be charged as I haven't had any replacement remotes ever, not alone in the past 6 months.


Knows their stuff

OK, finally after waiting 2.5 hours on whatsapp I got to speak to someone. 2.5 hours!!! Should this be acceptable?

Anyway, she is refunding the £9.99 they incorrectly charged and apparently the order has gone through.

Survey - How likely are you to recommend Virgin to anyone.... 0 and they wonder why lol.

After being with Virgin for decades, Sky is finally looking like a better option.