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Trouble getting help

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Just have issues with streaming services in that when I try to open them it crashes my TiVo box.  Can't get through to speak to anyone. Rest of box works fine as long as you don't want to watch it X or BBC iPlayer etc.  


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I’ve been trying for three days to get help with the issue on my TiVo 360 box. I’ve tried the support number, received my text, followed the link. Had to wait for a day until I could get a successful test as errors and try again later messages kept coming up. Tried the support number again to be told to follow the link and then cut off. Have tried posting on forum but no answers. Have tried to chat online but after the bot tried to transfer me to an agent. An hour later I’m still waiting. How do I get help!!!!  Where has the days gone when you could talk to a person instead on an automated response that is so prescriptive that you go round in circles.  Any ideas? 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

First off, which box do you have? TiVo, V6 or TV360? They're all different - TiVo & V6 both run TiVo-software (and have TiVo's logo in the menu), TV360 runs Horizon software and is not TiVo.

You've referred to TiVo & 360, but posted in the V6 forum. Check the photos on the link below and confirm - advice can follow 

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Thank you for replying. I ended up going through a different option on the support line and was finally given an option to do online chat. Short story- they got their technician to phone me, sent a software update and we are now all good. Im old and it’s all so confusing.