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Tivo to V6 connectivity problem

I've got a Tivo V6 box and an older Tivo box connected through the Virgin router using ethernet and powerline. I have no problems watching recordings on the Tivo box via the V6 box. However whenever I try to watch recordings on the V6 box via the Tivo it works for a short while and then stops due to connectivity problems. It gets a bit annoying when it happens every couple of minutes. I've tried rebooting both boxes, the router and the powerline plugs several times, but this doesn't solve the problem. Are there any settings I should be checking, or will I just have to replace the Tivo box?

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Re: Tivo to V6 connectivity problem

Righto - just to advise on common parlance, it's not a "TiVo V6" but a "V6". It runs TiVo software hence sometimes causing confusion, but also the "common reference.

So let's explain how the 2 boxes connect for the purposes of multiroom streaming - this may get somewhere for troubleshooting purposes. The V6 has a single connection to your homehub that is used for all online bits - OnDemand, streaming, multiroom, EPG (TV Guide) updates, the lot. This is either Ethernet cable or WiFi - how is yours?

The TiVo gets its internet connection inbuilt down the co-ax (same cable that brings the TV signals) but has an Ethernet cable to your homehub purely for the multiroom connection.

If both boxes have cabled connections to the homehub, there is less leeway for problems (by design) - if the V6 is wireless, that does invoke all the usual variables are introduced. But if so... all online functions should be affected by the same connection unreliability. OnDemand, streaming (YouTube, iPlayer, Netflix/Prime etc).

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