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Tivo V6 - which GHz

I notice in my service status that my downstairs Tivo is running on the 2.4Ghz channel and my upstairs on is on 5. Should my downstairs be on 5GHz too? I notice that watching very high def Youtube vids on the downstairs Tivo can sometimes be a bit 'jerky'. If so, how do I change it to 5? 

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Re: Tivo V6 - which GHz

Assuming that you haven’t split the single WiFi SSID broadcast by your broadband Hub, each V6 will have connected to the band with the stronger signal. This will be dependent on many factors, largely to do with the relative positions of the broadband Hub and V6s.

The only way to ‘force’ connection of the second V6 to the 5GHz WiFi band would be to split the SSID into two different ones. This would not guarantee a better connection as the 5GHz WiFi has a shorter reach. Worth a try, however, if you can’t connect either with a direct Ethernet cable as would be suggested.

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