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Tivo V6 not working

I hope someone can help as it appears to be impossible to speak to an advisor and messaging seems to have gone too.

I have two V6 boxes. The first one is attached to our main TV and is connected via cable to the street. The other is attached by Ethernet cable direct to our hub. This one is working fine – all services OK.

The first (main) one is effectively useless. No Netflix, Prime or YouTube. On Demand isn’t working. Catch-up is highly erratic but basically isn’t functioning. Some days, the box keeps rebooting itself. A couple of days ago I got ‘Invalid Network Settings’ – error code C233, which the website doesn’t recognise, but Settings show the WiFi is fine – Diagnostics late last night had signal strength 99%, Network Strength earlier showed 100%. Broadband, email, etc are all good (as is the wired second V6).

I’m not a great TV watcher but others in the family are so I need this resolved! Plus, I’m paying for it. My wife is unhappy with losing all her recordings of films etc so it would be really good to sort this without replacing the box.

I have various photos of the screen – diagnostics, network info, etc.

Really, I just want to talk to ad advisor!

Roger Williams

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Re: Tivo V6 not working

Hi Roger,

Have you tried swapping the V6 boxes around to see if the issue follows the box? 

The VM error pages do include instructions for your error virgin-tv-error-codes/c233 


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