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Tight cable

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Hi, can I add a meter to my tv cable, as its like a bow string, and I am having new decking installed and the existing cable is visible, and I would like to hide the cable.

Is it just standard coax where I can just splice it using F type connectors and an inline coupler




Alessandro Volta

You can pay VM £25 for a non-fault call out which should use the correct cable and check signal levels are correct for you.

Using your own cables/connectors is generally discouraged in the advice given out on the forum because of the potential to fit something that is unsuitable for the VM network requirements.

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Very Insightful Person

@tazted2001 wrote:

Is it just standard coax where I can just splice it using F type connectors and an inline coupler



VM use a specialised triple screened cable owning to the radio frequencies they use also being used by Freeview TV, DAB radio & 4/5G mobile phone services outside of the cable. Any ingress from these services will cause interference to Virgin's services. If these track back to the cabinet amplifier there is the potential for the entire street to have issues due to unauthorised modifications made by one customer.

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Hi Ted

Thanks for posting 🙂

As goslow has advised we can arrange an engineer to sort out the cabling, at a cost of £25.

If you'd like me to arrange this, please let me know and I can pop you over a private message.




Unless it can be done by tuesday, it will be too late, I wish I knew this before, it goes from the box at the front off my house, up the wall, then its fed through the loft at head height across the beams, then out the other side off my house then down the wall, and its split, 1 for the obsolete phone line, then the other for my TV, thats the one which is tight



A suggestion for if you cannot get a tech out before your deck is built ...

Fit some electrical conduit under the deck with a draw rope inside it and leave each end of the conduit accessible.

When the deck is built, leave the existing tight cable connection above the deck.

If you then get a VM tech out, the tech can pull a new bit of cable under the deck through the conduit to make a new connection for you. The old connection on top of the deck can then be removed.

If you need to do anything in the future with the connection under the deck you will still have the conduit in place to allow further changes as long as you can still access each end of the conduit

Hi @tazted2001, thank you for your response. 

Unfortunately, it appears highly unlikely we'll be able to get an appointment arranged before tomorrow. 

If there is any more room for manoeuvre in terms of putting a date in place, please let us know.