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TV6 2 remotes

Good evening,


I was wondering if anyone could answer me as above, is it possible to pair 2 or more remotes with teh same TV6 box or will i only be able to use one at a time?





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Re: TV6 2 remotes

you can only have 1 paired with RF but IR will work with all of them
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Re: TV6 2 remotes

Hi Phil, 

Simply put no there is no way of syncing two box remotes to the v6 it pairs with one handset at a time, as they are bluetooth they do this so that you don't control more than one box at a time. But also they do work on Infared aswell so will control any v6 as a standard anyway.

If you want to sync the virgin remote with the relevant box then follow these steps :

1.) Press home button, then navigate right over too the side menu that has settings near the bottom of the list.

2.) Click to go into settings then navigate down to devices click ok.

3.) In devices go to pair remote and follow steps on screen.

If this isnt what your asking and want to know how to sync the virgin remote to the tv there is a repartees process for that. See video link below :

Many thanks for your enquiry 

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Re: TV6 2 remotes

I do actually have two remotes paired to our bedroom V6 (lost a remote last year and then found it after purchasing a new one).

Both remotes have remained paired an will operate the V6 from another room, so definitely connected by RF.