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TV at other end of house to router and socket - TV possible?

I'm a broadband customer only at the minute, but keen to upgrade to TV.

The socket that the router connects to is at one end of the house, but the room we watch TV in is at least 10-15 metres away at the other end of the house in our lounge.

I'm worried that if I get the TV upgrade, and book an engineer because the TV's not within 3 metres of the hub and socket, that there will be some sort of issue and they won't be able to route it to the other end of the house - £30 for an engineer to come out and sort it seems cheap considering the fact that I'm assuming they'll need to run a co-ax cable externally, round the house.

Can anybody reassure me that it'll be fine and no issue to sort, since I don't want to have to deal with some sort of multi-router box setup or have to fork out for a second hub/box or multi-room just to handle this.

We also have a mesh network installed, so if it can work from wi-fi, maybe running the co-ax isn't needed, I don't know.

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Re: TV at other end of house to router and socket - TV possible?


The box would need to be cabled with coax but if possible and preferable I'm sure this could be done externally if and where possible, if would like, 

Privately message me some details such as your account number and contact number and I'll get someone to give you a ring regarding packages. 

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Re: TV at other end of house to router and socket - TV possible?

The charge is £30 as you are taking an additional service, so this is correct. The V6 box will however need a good connection to the Hub. If this cannot be done via Ethernet cable then WiFi can be used if there are no issues with signal strength or contention with neighbours hubs. You can also use powerline devices that use your ring main power sockets to take the signal.

The 3 metre advisory is for self-install only, as this relates to the cables that are supplied with the kit that is sent out.

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