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TV V6 box connecting to Wi-Fi

I have a new V6 box which is not connected to my hub by ethernet cable but was connected by Wi-Fi, and it worked fine. Last week the connection failed and I have a message on my Home page which reads "Network Availability (C130)".

I have tried to manually connect through "Settings" and it says that WPA2-EAP is not supported and that my router should be changed to WPA Auto or WPA2-PSK. I have checked my Router and it is set to WPA Auto. What do I do?

Virgin offered to send out a technician, but I am reluctant to have a technician in my house with the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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Re: TV V6 box connecting to Wi-Fi

Please send me a private message, not reply or quick reply, with your account number and area code/ postcode and I'll see if I can help tomorrow.
To PM me, just click on the following link. don't post any personal info in this thread as it's public.

If I've helped in any way, please give me Kudos and mark my response as a helpful answer!

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