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TV Program recording times

Why can't Virgin Media sort out the recording times of their V6 and Tivo boxes?
I am fed up with programs not being recorded properly.

Most programs are recorded ok, but every time there is a schedule change then it messes up the program you are trying to record.

For example: I wanted to record the film The Beguiled, which was supposed to be on BBC2 on Fri 6th March 2020 23:05 - 00:35.
However there was an extra program inserted before it, "Escape from Dubai " from 23:05 - 00:05.
The recording from the TV guide of course was set for 23:05 - 00:35, so it recorded the first (extra) program in full but only the first 30 minutes of the film.

This should be a very basic function: recording a program using the TV guide should record that program.

Even when the program has the "correct" starting time it is sometimes out by a minute or two, so I have set my default recording options to start recording 1 minute before the start time, and end 4 minutes after the end time - it only allows a maximum of 5 minutes extra. And even then it sometimes misses a minute or two at the start or end.

The old VHS video recorders that I had in the 90s started to get PDC - Program Delivery Control.
That made use of signals sent in the teletext data that told the recorder when the program actually started and ended - ensuring that it actually recorded the program, even if it started early or late.
That is no longer in use (with the demise of teletext), but most FreeView recorders nowadays do a better job of recording the actual programs by checking the TV guide data, which is updated when changes are made.
Why can't Virgin Media Tivo/V6 boxes do this? We're always being told how much better digital TV services are than the old analogue ones.

(I also have a FreeView recorder that I often use, but it is fairly old and has problems playing back HD recordings.)

I really don't think it is unreasonable to expect a TV recorder to be able to record the TV properly!

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Re: TV Program recording times

This has been discussed at length many times before on these forums.

The BBC has direct access to the EPG on Freeview so can update it in real time. Virgins boxes rely on a third party updating the EPG, which is then randomly updated every 2 hours by the boxes. These boxes have to deal with set recordings & suggestions on over 250+ channels involving 6 tuners. If these were continually updating then the boxes would grind to a halt. We will have to see if the awaited roll out of Horizon 4 will change things.

I would point out that while PDC was good, it did rely on someone in the output suite pressing a button at the start of the programme. I can remember on several occasions the BBC having to apologise to people for their loss of recordings when Eastenders & Top of the Pops went out without the button being pressed.

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