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TV Box “jumps” to home page

Joining in

Whether watching live TV or a recorded program our V6 intermittently “jumps” to the Home Screen and often into “TV Guide” or “My shows and Recordings” for no apparent reason. It is as if someone is sitting on the remote, but nobody is (have taken batteries out to check). I have tried switching box off and on again several times to no avail.

Any suggestions?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Milltir 

Have you tried changing the batteries, or rebooting the box?

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1. I have tried restarting the box from the menu and also switching power off at wall and restarting.

2. Not related to remote control, it happens when batteries are removed and remote therefore inactive.

Box appears to have become unbelievably sensitive to any slight vibration. If I put something on a table 2m away from the box, this phenomenon occurs.

Have you checked that all cable connections between the boxes and the wall socket are tight?

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Yes, anything that can be tightened has been.

Hi Milltir,

Thanks for using the forums to get this unusual issue with your TV Box looked into, I am sorry if this has been causing some frustration. I would be more than happy to look into this for you.

I can see other users have offered some advice already, which hasn't helped - But their assistance is truly appreciated!

If you're able to right now, could you turn on the box for me please so I can do some diagnostics? 

Are there any other symptoms that occur when the box jumps to the home screen, like sound issues or lights on the front of the box indicating an issue?