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TCL Roku TV and V6 remote set up

Tuning in


The volume controls on my V6 remote suddenly stopped working with my TCL Roku TV (40RS520K) this morning.

I can't restore these functions using the remote control setup guide, as none of the codes work. Initially, as in BenHawkeye's thread, there were two codes which included responses, the latter of which was able to switch the TV off and adjust its volume.

The only noticeable change in my setup was an automatic software update on the TV last night (Roku 12.5, build: 4165).



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @MadSpecialist 

There's one other method you can try, however it may need a bit of perseverance, possibly around 50 key presses (make sure you have fresh batteries)

Go to  HOME > Help and Settings > Help > Set up Remote.   Follow the instructions there it should give you a series of codes to try. 

If/when that fails try  0999 in place of the code and press channel up until the TV turns off, then press OK.

There are also a few Hisense codes below from the /VM TiVo Remote Code List.pdf 

0009 0025 0209 0326 0753

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Hi @MadSpecialist

I've TCL Roku TV model TCL 43RP620K, hw ID C184GB, serial X00800x, device ID S0FWK00AHY47, software ver. 12.5.0, build 4165-CS. Noticed new popup roku menu & Virgin Media Tivo remote stopped working volume & input switching. 

Have sent TCL Roku and TCL Global a tweet, hopefully get a reply.

Thanks for your advice, and my apologies for not replying sooner.

I'm afraid the Hisense codes didn't work, but I found one that the TV responded to while searching with 0999.

Although I could now switch the TV on or off with the V6 remote, I couldn't adjust its volume. The TV bizarrely makes a sound when pressing the volume up or down buttons, as if they are prohibited from being controlled by the V6 remote.

As this was close, I attempted to look for further codes but seemed to have reached the end of the list, as the remote light was flashing red instead of green.

Thanks, I'm glad to know I'm not alone, and that's a great idea.

I'll also contact Roku and reply with any updates.

On our wavelength

Me too. RCA Roku (HiSense) tv and V6  box. VM remote does not control the tv. VM's setup doesn't work and neither do the codes on the Roku website.I spent half a day in "chat" with Roku with no solution.

Thanks for the update, if you get a response or update from Roku please post here to help others that may experience this since the software or future updates.