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Sound issues


Often when my box boots there's no sound. This can be fixed by entering the box into stand by and then waking it up, though sometimes it requires a full power down and on cycle/restart.


Sound also drops on channel changes which needs another channel switch to fix and sometimes several changes. At times i need to again power down the box then up again. That's not as frequent but it does happen.


Forwarding and rewinding  both recordings and live TV causes sound drops too. I then have to stop the playback and resume or if on live TV change channels.

It's getting more frequent and increasingly annoying.


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Sound issues

Hi Keasy, 

Sorry you're having some issues with the sound on your box, this ins't good. 

Do you have more than one box? If so does it happen on all boxes?

Can you confirm which box it is you're using? Is it a TiVo or V6?

We can certainly have a closer look and see what's going on, so if you're still having the issue now then please reply to the personal message I'm sending. 



Emma_C - Forum Team
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