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Something positive for VM customer service

Last Sunday pm my TIvo box wouldn’t connect to the tv. I checked all the usual suspects eg connections, reboot, card, internet, waiting 3hours (?) but no luck.

Despite being a ntl/vm customer for the past 20 years, I have only needed to contact VM three times so far for service/device faults. Dreaded it this time judging by the experiences recounted on the forum.

So, rang at 6.30 pm, went through the script. Refused to give bank sort code details but agreed on size of last month’s bill instead. Given engineer appointment for Tuesday am but inconvenient so was allocated between 12-4pm today (Weds).

Got no confirmation so rang again on Sunday at 9.50 in the evening to check. Confirmed and got text within 15 mins.

Two other reminder texts came this morning before Jordon the engineer arrived just before noon. Within 5 mins agreed Tivo box was clapped and new Tivo V6 began being installed. Hooray. He checked my other box and internet settings as well while waiting for software to be installed. Eveything done well within his 36 mins visit allocation time.

Just wanted to redress the balance as I received excellent service throughout. Even understood the overseas customer service staff. The engineer, Jordon, was very attentive and offered to check all other equipment whilst he was there. Brilliant service.

Top marks all around. Guess I was just lucky. Still, I reckon people are more inclined to post a comment after a bad experience than an okay one which can kind of slant the perceived impresson of VM. Mind, I hate the company’s business attitude, especially to loyal customers. 





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Re: Something positive for VM customer service

Hi Jomodu

Its incredibly refreshing to read this and thank you so much for taking the time to pop by Smiley Very Happy

I'll pass your feedback on to Jordan's manager and those you spoke to as well Smiley Happy

Thanks again!

Have a fab week!



Forum Team

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