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Solved the sound dropout on Sony TV

Just thought I’d post this as I’ve been having an issue I’ve seen loads of people having but not been able to find the answer online. 

Ive had the sound dropout issue where you pause a programme or go to tv from a recording and lose sound completely until you reboot the V6 box but I have now found a fix!

I have a Sony XF9005 with a htxf9000 sound bar attached. Now attaching the V6 box direct to the sound bar gets rid of the problem but this is no good as I have an Xbox one X that needs to be directly attached as arc doesn’t support Atmos (Only e-Arc).

So the fix is if you press action menu on the remote (while viewing virgin source) and choose sound and then input related you need to change the Dolby digital plus output setting to Dolby digital and not the plus one. Then just turn the V6 box off and on and it has completely fixed the issue for me. Btw make sure the V6 is attached to the proper input which on my tv is 2/3 but 3 is also arc so it has to be 2. This may work on other TVs or may not but I thought I’d post this in case it helps someone as it’s been driving me mad!