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Sky sports UHD channel 532

Up to speed

Can anyone confirm what package this is on as it is greyed out on my EPG? I have a current sky sports plus HD subscription and as far as I am aware the top TV bundle. 

Has it actually launched and will it cost more. I cannot find any details online to confirm the cost or any actual details of the 3 new channels ? 


On our wavelength

Same here. Have tweeted VM and asked question...

Joining in

Just noticed these channels on my 360 box. Also greyed out. I already have UHD entertainment and cinema package as part of current contract.

Surely we are not going to have to pay more to access sports UHD. 

I rang up to subscribe and I was told £7 a month. The guy in India told me he had activated it but nothing is showing from when I ordered it an hour ago.

Virgin Media Staff
Virgin Media Staff

Correct it’s £7 a month and currently only available over the phone.

it’s £10pm for bundle of both sports UHD and the Ents and Cinema UHD  

So as I already have Ents and Cinema UHD, what would be the additional .... £3 ?

Much more discussion on this topic over on the 360 forum board... VM have replied to my tweet, they say "this [SS UHD] will be coming in the near future". Haven't called VM but from what others are reporting on the 360 thread VM are charging £3 or £7 for access to SS UHD even for those on top bundle (i.e. who already have Sky Movies UHD and SS HD).



@RedStev wrote:

So as I already have Ents and Cinema UHD, what would be the additional .... £3 ?

If UHD is already included in your package then surely it should be free and just needs to be activated?

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

No problem DanMck,

Do pop back up if you have any future queries.