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Sky Sports UHD offer via email - not activated

Up to speed

I received the email offering Sky Sports UHD for £3 a month for 18 months and followed the links to add it to my pack.  I received the confirmation email last Tuesday saying they'd be in touch once added.  I've received nothing to date, has anyone else experienced this delay?  Do I need to apply again/call them or is there a backlog?



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi HornetUK 

It normally takes no lnger than 7 days, however with it being  a special promotion the changes will need inputting manually which may explain the delay.

Since you have a V6 box you can try to update your channels to see if that forces the Sky Sports UHD to appear by using your remote and clicking on

Home > Help & Settings > Help > TV Care > I'm missing some channels and allowing around 10 minutes or so to update.

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Thanks for that idea, it didn't add the channel, I'll give it a couple of days then I'll have the nightmare of calling them, I never seen to speak to anyone at VM who can help or understand! 

Hi HornetUK,

It was the same for me so I called today and spoke to retentions who added it straight away.


Is it simple to get through to retentions rather than normal call centre?  Thanks for advice of how to sort.

I was surprised how quick it was today, no waiting at all, you just need to know your account's memorable word and select the "leaving option" when you call 150.

If you don't know what your memorable word is sign into My Virgin Media, Click on Account Settings,  Account Details, then scroll down to Telephone Security Details  (memorable word), and click on Edit.



Thanks, especially for that tip for the password as I'm not 100% on that.

Super solver

Just had to make 2 calls and a total of being on the phone for 1 hour to get this and I am still not completely convinced I will get it for the £3 as advertised.

Signed up on Thursday ready for the Ashes on Friday......or so I thought. Got to Monday and still not activated. I call up and on hold for 30+ mins before they answer and say best they can do is £3.50 a month this was after I said I am not wanting it for the £7 I want it for the price that Virgin offered it to me.

She was quoting my bundle price would be £3.50 more and I was saying no I know it is only 50p but multiply by 18 months and it was you guys who offered it me it shouldn't be this hard to give you £3 more and get what I signed up to.

I had had enough so said put me through to retentions which at this point she cut me off.

Selected the wanting to leave and got through immediately but the other call had activated the channels but seemingly not at the £3 price but he assured me they would get that credited. I am going to keep all my emails and order ref until I get a few bills through I think. Useless